Secret Agents!

How To Become One!

Your penguin has to be 30 days old to be a secret agent. To become a secret agent, click on the moderator logo on the top right corner of the screen. Then press “Become a Secret Agent”. After that, answer the quiz. Here are the answers:

Being mean or rude
Report them
Saying their address
I want to keep Club Penguin Safe
I want to help other penguin

Log off and Log back in and you will get a secret agent phone and access to the HQ!

How to Walk Across the H.Q. Desk
In the Secret Agent H.Q., walk to the upper right hand corner the room as far as you can. Then, click the upper right corner of the door leading out of the H.Q. and you will walk right across the long desk!


Secret Agent Mission #1
Case of the Missing Puffles

First, go to the ice rink, look all the way to left and pick up the photos on the ground then give them to Aunt Arctic. Now go to the pet shop and read the note on the dog house by using the morse code at the lower right of your screen. Go to the sport shop and answer his question, if you got the answer correctly, he will open the cabinet containing spy tools. Pick the life preserver launcher to rescue the penguins at the ice berg then go back to the sport shop and grab the grapple hook. Now, go to the ski mountain and use your spy phone wrench to fix the broken telescope, he will allow you to use his telescope after you fix it, use the telescope to look around until you see a flying green puffle. Go to the tallest mountain then use the grapple hook to get to the top. When you have found the puffles, you have completed the mission!

Secret Agent Mission #2
G’s Secret Mission

When you get in the mission, click on G. Then click “I’m here to receive my mission”. After he tells you what you must find, click on g again. He will ask you for the word. Type in “mogul”. NO CAPS and click “This is the word!” If you typed in the correct word, he will give you your mission after you click “yes”. He will show you a new sled, and you must out it in your inventory. Now go to the ski mountain, and use the sled on the “test run” sign. When it asks you if you want to test G’s sled, click “yes”. Once you find yourself sledding, try to crash. They will make you crash later even if you keep trying. Look to your right until you find a piece of rope. Put it in your inventory. Now keep turning right, and pick up the survival guide. Turn right as far as you can go and then make your penguin walk straight ahead. Pick up the ski stuck in the bush and keep turning right until you see a stump in the distance. Go toward that stump. When you see the puffles, click on one. They will all run away except for the black puffle. Now go ahead, where you will find a berry bush. Pick three o berries, then put the all in one spot on your inventory. Go back to the black puffle. Feed him one o berry. Walk to the stump, and look a little to your right, and you’ll find a pan stuck in a tree. Click the stump of that tree three times and pick up the pan. Now turn left and pass the o berry bush and go to the river. Pick up the piece of wood on your right when you see the stream. Now turn left until you see the stream. Use the piece of rope with the ski ,then use one o berry with the ski and rope. Now use it on the river. Then take the fish and put it in your inventory. Then use the pot on the river. Now turn a little to your right until you see a small cave opening covered by bushes. Go towards it. Click on the bushes. Now walk into the cave. Keep turning right until you see a little ditch with rocks around it. Click on one of the stones and they will all go around the little ditch. Now use the log with the ditch. Then use your survival guide on the piece of wood. Now use the an o berry on the black puffle when he is right next to the fire, and watch him light the fire for you. Now use the fish with the fire. Click on the fish when it is cooked. Then use the pot of water in the fire. Click on the it. You will fall asleep. When you wake up, go out the opening of the cave. There you will meet a secret agent who will take you back to G. G will ask you a question, and then you will finish the mission! Also, don’t forget to claim the medal and the letter!

Secret Agent Mission #3
Case of the Missing Coins

First, talk to the Green Penguin on your screen by clicking on him. Ask him if the door looks tampered. Then ask him to open it again. He will not be able to open it. After that, go to the office. Turn to the left until you see a couch click under it and then pick up the paper clip and the Boot disk. Go to the computer and turn it on. After that, drag the boot disk into the black slit on the computer. Then, click “My Files”, then combination number. Memorize it. The combination is different every time. Now, go back down to the Vault. Click on the combination area. Enter in the combination in order starting from the top, clockwise. If you entered in the correct code, it should open. Now, go in the Vault. After you finish talking, go to the HQ with your Secret Agent phone. Talk with G. Then click on the screen he tells you to watch, then talk to him again. Try to get the most info out of him. He will eventually show you where the keys to the rooftop are. Click on the drawer that he opens. Take the golden key all the way to the left. Go to the office again. Turn left until you see a door. Drag the key to it and put it back into your inventory. Click on the door. Now, take out your spy phone. Click the word “tools’ on it. Drag the wrench to the “Powa Box”. Then click on the opened “Powa Box” and use the paper clip in the inside of it. The “Powa Box” should break. Then, drag on the piece of white hair stuck in the drain into your inventory. Then, go to G. Talk to him and tell him about the white hairs. And give it to him. Then go to the right until you see a map. Click on the light bulb next to the books and put it in your inventory. Then go to town. Talk to the Brown Penguin, then go into the Night Club. It will be dark in there, so use your flashlight and go into the Boiler Room. Turn right until you see the Fuse Box. Click on it. The fuse box so happens to be a puzzle. Read the instructions. The key to solving the puzzle is having a backwards L shape on the bottom right corner and then click on the button in the corner. Once you have solved the fuse box puzzle, go to G and talk to him! The mission is finished! Be sure to get the Medal and Thank-You card!

F.I.S.H. Notebook Secrets!

If you click the antenna on the cell phone picture in the “FISH” there will be a secret message you can decode.

The red light on the real cell phone blinks a message in morse code. It says “You are cool”.

If you click the space on the tic tac toe diagram next to the symbol there is a little note about what it means. And after that, if you click that same symbol that is on the message from the head of PSA there is another secret message.

If you click the chef or the Coffee person on page nine it will show the special waves. Click the hula penguin, it will show you the clown.

Click the word “viking at the bottom of the “Secrets Revealed!” box to find out how to get the blue viking helmet. (The normal Viking helmet always in the clothing catalog, but it is always hidden in a different place in every catalog).

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask!


91 Comments on “Secret Agents!”

  1. shivesh Says:

    can u decode the message which will appear when u press the spy phone antenna please

    Editor’s Comment: Dude1t already has! Look on this page. The message says,”You are cool”.

  2. shivesh Says:

    oh thaks

  3. Club penguin manager Says:

    Click the signature an it will say ” arcade game coming ”

    Editor’s Comment: That was for the “Thin Ice” game.

  4. MARTIN727 Says:

    i love club penguin and these will help me

  5. Groovystar Says:

    like totally ausome totally

    yah it looks soo cool!!!

  6. Mrs Coolness Says:

    How do u get the chef hat and the coffe hat and everything beside the secret spy gear.I cant seem to get it.

    Editor’s Comment: I don’t think there is a coffee hat. The chef hat, I think you have to buy in the normal catalog!

  7. alex Says:

    how do you get new missions

    Editor’s Comment: You get new missions when Club Penguin adds new ones.

  8. Arthur Says:


    Editor’s Comment: I do not know. You have to ask Club Penguin. I am want another mission too!

  9. marie Says:

    it doesn’t work

    Editor’s Comment: What doesn’t work?

  10. Kayla Says:

    Does anyone know the secret agent code for the puffle mission? please help me!!!!!

    Editor’s Comment: There should be a Code Decoder on the right bottom corner if the screen if you roll your mouse over it.

  11. DRAGULAH Says:


  12. boo boo Says:

    how do u get the pot on mission 2 it wont let me get it 😦

    Editor’s Comment: You have to click on the tree more than once!

  13. marie Says:

    there is another secret i know click on the antenna and it will show you a code

    Editor’s Comment: We already posted that.

  14. tenneka Says:

    but how do u get new missions after u have done the first 2

    Editor’s Comment: You can’t until Club Penguin releases the next one.

  15. marie Says:


    Editor’s Comment: It’s okay. We all make mistakes sometimes.

  16. gamezilla0 Says:

    can you give me the times for the next 2 new missions?

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry. I don’t know that.

  17. alex Says:

    do somone know the mission #1 code

    Editor’s Comment: It’s different every time so you have to decode it yourself!

  18. Markozas Says:

    Is there any cheat,hack or program to make your penguin older. Like my penguin in 3 years old, and i want to become secret agent. If somebody knows the site, please tell it here. Thanks.

    Editor’s Comment: It is not good to hack! Just wait until your penguin is old enough!

  19. Zaakhy Says:

    Hacking is not good.You can be a ninja in clubpenguin but I don`t know how.

  20. loola94 Says:

    when are the next missions coming out ???

    Editor’s Comment: I hope it’s soon!

  21. erik Says:

    now it saying agents study the code? why?

    Editor’s Comment: The head of PSA wants you to study the Secret Agent Code!

  22. Bubbaloo Says:

    St. Patties day rules

  23. Little Star5 Says:

    thanks for yor help it is really great of u
    I LUV U

  24. Lightfairy Says:

    Thanks for the tips on the mission, they helped! Oh, and how do you get “mogul” as an answer in Mission2?

    Editor’s Comment: You go to the Ski Hill top and click on the sign. Then you decode the message with the code.

  25. erik Says:

    i think the thing with the missing coins will be anew mission’

  26. 123star123 Says:

    How do you get clothes when you become an agent?

    Editor’s Comment: You can’t get them unless you are a member. If you are a member, get them in the F.I.S.H. booklet.

  27. Ladysariri Says:

    this doesn’t make sense it says “click the dwawer that opens” what drawer!

    Editor’s Comment; You have to talk to G in the HQ and try to ask what else you need to know from him.

  28. Ladysariri Says:

    PS what is the “Powa Box”?

    Editor’s Comment: The Power box that has a sign saying “Powa Box”.

  29. Ladysariri Says:


    Editor’s Comment: It’s in the HQ.

  30. hamidude Says:

    I think that the club penguin makers are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. tucky474 Says:

    any1 know how 2 b a ninja? dude1t make a post on how 2 b a ninja
    i want to be a ninja soooo bad!

    Dude1t: Unfortunately, you can’t be one.

  32. jjustin Says:

    how do u get a backwords L for mission 3 it wont let me

    Editor’s Comment; Just keep trying! You’ll get it one day!

  33. FGGGG Says:

    😦 😦 😦 i did mishon 1 2 and 3 what do i do now? ????

    Editor’s Comment: I wait for the next mission, i guess.

  34. hiee Says:

    hey on the new mission if you have night vision goggles it will let you use it insted of flashlight! :mrgreen:

  35. poppy Says:

    like hey i love doing missions but how do u do more?

    Editor’s Comment: Sadly, you can’t do any more missions until the makers of Club penguin add another one.

  36. i love max (ME) Says:

    hay imumbles person! what up quess what i know imumbles well thats it so ya the mission thing is cool and i finished it but how do u get the night vision googles oh and by the way it says night vision g_o_o_g_l_es its good advetisment 4 google u know it says that in the mission and 1 more thing…fiona thanks 4 the tip but it went away? what happend moderater? oh well and um dude1 youre website rocks!!!

  37. Wadles 8 Says:

    How do u do the puzzle on the fuse box for mission 3? I cant figure it out!!

    Thx for the help on the other missions

    From now on Keep Wadling
    Wadles 8

    Dude1t: You have to keep experimenting with the fuse box! It took me a while too!

  38. webby123456 Says:

    on my first time suprizingly it took about 45 seconds.=][

  39. ro99 Says:

    dose it matter if you been banned can i still become a secret agent

    Editor’s Comment: Sorry! I don’t know. Dude1t and I have never been banned.

  40. ok i really want missions or i will freak out! :;

  41. oh and who ever said about the fues box it took me 4 hrs

  42. dpyoung Says:

    on the missing of the puffels how many socks i need to know now i dont know ho to read the dang thang dont wanna

    Editor’s Comment: The amount of socks changes each time you play.

  43. LANCE Says:


  44. dpyoung Says:

    and how come mebers get everthing we non mebers dont we should have a nonmebers party since the do were no mebers are allowed

    Editor’s Comment: Because members pay and help support Club Penguin.

  45. dpyoung Says:

    ok this weard every time i try doing the missing coins one i alaws right doown the combaitian and start from the top and go clock wise it is wrong

  46. dpyoung Says:

    i know no offencie cp but idont care because mabey some people dont have money and how do the support club penigun are the trying to get money off of peoplo it is a rip off
    least on rune scape mebers dont get anthing better and dont have to pay much and they still get same close for fewer money on cp you cant get anthing an less it is free

  47. dpyoung Says:

    why does it take so long for yall to answer my question

    Editor’s Comment: Because I can’t always be on this website answering questions! I have other things I would rather do too!

  48. Ryrofan Says:

    If you pay to be a member, and then buy this and that, and then you stop paying, will your things dissapear? Or are you just unable to use them? The same with furniture, and puffles, too. What happens to them if you stop paying to be a member?

    Editor’s Comment: The puffles will stay and be like they were like a member’s, but all your member clothings and furniture will be disabled.

  49. Nathanck Says:

    wat is the secert code on mission #1 is it 77 cuz thats wat i got and itd sayin wrong

    Editor’s Comment: Maybe you made a mistake.

  50. Brianna Says:

    How Do u Get new missions????

    Editor’s Comment: Sadly, you can’t get one until club Penguin releases one.

  51. adlerkid2 Says:

    Do you have to be a member to get the secret blue viking helmet?

    Editor’s Comment: Yes.

  52. minimwa Says:

    what is the answer to how many pairs of socks does G own

    Editor’s Comment: Read the note in the pet shop. It changes every time you start the mission.

  53. dpyoung Says:

    how d o you read the dill in the pet shop for how many socks ther are

    Editor’s Comment: You click on the not and use the secret agent code to read what it says.

  54. miley Says:

    what do you do after you complete all of the 3 missions

    Editor’s Comment: Wait for another one come out I guess.

  55. dpyoung Says:

    that is too hard so what do i do

  56. dpyoung Says:

    i get so boring cp be cuse everthing is so old

  57. dpyoung Says:

    in the news papper on cp it said ther wold bewater fight there were none wqere there?

    Editor’s Comment: Not yet.

  58. the doom Says:


    Editor’s Comment: This is not true. It changes each time you play.

  59. dpyoung Says:

    how do you get the water bloons in the boile r room

    Editor’s Comment: You get water baloons on the 13th of July.

  60. ummm he he... Says:

    if you are banned can you still become a secret agent?i wuz only banned 4 24hrs. so can i plz tell me….thx.s very much

    Editor’s Comment: I don’t know. Dude1t and I have never been banned before.

  61. Ari P. Says:

    i have been ban and i am still a secret agent. once on one penguin and one on another. one was a secret agent. i was sooooooooo mad!!! and how do u know where the gold viking helmet is?

    Editor’s Comment: Dude1t looked for it. It is not availible anymore though.

  62. Snowflake258 Says:

    When you want to become a moderator and you are 18+ do you actually have to work there because my other wants to become one but she Already has a jb and she knows one of those tqniques tthat she has been doing for 5 year ??

  63. Victoria Says:

    How do you take picture of clubpenguin and put in a post please please help me!!

    Editor’s Comment: On a Mac, you hold apple, shift, then 4. You will come up with a crosshair. Drag a square around the this you want to take and the picture should appear on your desktop! This only works on Macintosh!

  64. Renata Says:

    How can u get more missions ???

    Editor’s comment: You have to wait.

  65. PACMAN1 Says:

    I have a cheat(you have to be a secret agent)it is:go to your igloo clik on the tape meserer and get your spy phone out and go to the HQ and then go to a members igloo and MOVE THERE STUFF!!!(only you can see it).

  66. bintopboi Says:

    is there more missions after you done all three of the missions that you do from hq?

    Editor’s Comment: Not yet…

  67. Annie Says:

    How long do you have to wait until you get more missions

    Editor’s Comment: I don’t know, but I hope it is not too long!

  68. reggypoo1254 Says:

    the word for the sled mission is mogul

  69. Maddi Says:


  70. PACMAN1 Says:


  71. Terence Says:

    how can you be a secret agent when your penguin is only 17 years old. I am really desperate to become one is it possible to become one when my pengun is only 17 years old.

  72. dragon2child Says:

    i have did all 4 missions and i am bored but the spy phone is cool thats a good thing to use but in 2day a priate friend is coming in just on august the 17 th so get ready becars i am lol

  73. man i cant wait till this party at the dock

  74. spier hq Says:

    hi editor. what happens when you complete ALL 4 missions. i have and theres nothing to do now and its gets boring with not much to do! lol

    (: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: :)(: 🙂

  75. arun Says:

    this is relly good cheats

  76. ben K. Says:

    how do you do the fourth mission

  77. PINGU CBH Says:


  78. Penguin Says:

    What does the message say on the F.I.S.H. book, there is a code on every page, what does it say?

  79. Master Lei Says:

    NEW MISSION YAY!!! If you pront screen when the fur is running through the machine at the right moment there is a message that says: “This text is completely random, if you can read this I am very impressed, good job agent”.

  80. lil snow angel Says:

    do u know what the dojo for it wierd it just a empty room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. flutura Says:

    i donno how to do all the mishon on my new one. but the one i always go on i have thom done so i dont care bue i gust go my secret phone today so i dont no how to do all the mishtion so my bro does them for mee

  82. allxx Says:

    i no hpow to do all of these so yahh i love clubpeguin

  83. Dolphinagirl Says:

    wheres the blue viking helmet? i cant find it. wheres the fish thing again?

  84. sam Says:

    hi can you tell me in ne of the newspaper there was a secret letter can you tell me what it said

  85. csi71 Says:

    I’m kinda gay

    Dude1t: Ok…

  86. rebeccca Says:


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