Finding Rockchopper

I heard that last time Rockhopper came, CP was working on a way to make finding the swashbuckling captain easier. In the comments, I heard a penguin found him six times! Go and find him and you will get a free background!

Happy Hunting!

Waddle on!

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5 Comments on “Finding Rockchopper”

  1. Madison Says:

    Realy? Wow! I haven’t found him yet, but now I’ll totoaly keep looking!
    I have heard some tips on how 2 find him, though:

    1. He’s ususaly in Mammoth, Blizzard, or Ice Burg.
    2. He likes to be on his ship, the ice burg, and the pizza parlor.

    OFF TOPIC: Yay! I’m the first comment!

  2. cpperson Says:

    ever heard of the rockhopper tracker on

  3. sail4ever182 Says:

    ok i have heard that a yellow puffle has been appearing on club penguin. they are not all rumors because i have seen proof. (and no, i was not conned into believing some edited picture) it appeared in the forest during the halloween party every ten minutes and also in the news paper last week it hinted that if you stay in a certain room for a lenghtened amount of time a “secret” might appear. ( that was the 10/8 newspaper)

  4. sail4ever182 Says:

    ok its also at the plaza appearing evry so often! i have seen it myself. one of the many pictures of it is at and it is not an edit.

  5. Sapote Sun Says:

    cpperson the rockhopper tracker doesn’t work!!!! 😦 😡 :cry 👿

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