Which Party?

I don’t like the idea of bringing back old parties. Why can’t CP create a new party like a space party or something? Personally, I would choose the Sports Party. I like sports! What did you choose?

Waddle On!

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12 Comments on “Which Party?”

  1. Austrish Says:

    i’d choose western party

  2. Fylliper Says:


    I hope they don’t bring back the Sport Party or my face paint will become un-rare…Vote western!

    >>FYLL =]

  3. bluey master Says:

    i did too, i cant believe the sports party is losing just because penguins who have the face paint don’t want it to be “unrare”.

  4. kennicott Says:

    go sports party

  5. sail4ever182 Says:

    its ok bringing back a party theme but not a free item and hopefully the rooms wont be decorated the exact same way…

  6. webby123456 Says:

    i think id want the sports party

  7. Blu Says:

    I honestly think this is a great idea. Just think………………When did CP ever give an oppurtunity like this? NEVER! CP’s last pirate party was probally 2 or one year ago, and the western was in the beginning. You hardly ever see a penguin walking by with a lasso in their hand. You sounded preety negative about this…………………..

  8. pingup Says:

    I like the sports party idea who cares about the face pain being unrare

  9. Fylliper Says:


    I agree with the Space Party idea especially with the UFO pin and stuff!

    >>FYLL =]

  10. Leeza Says:

    I Voted western Party ‘Coz Ive Neva eva Been To A Western Party, Duh! Who Actully Haz >:|

    Dude1t: I have…

  11. Queen Piplup Says:

    Warning: Leeza here, Forget about my real name K? U Now Know Me Az QP. Anyway Luv Da space Party Idea, but What does Space Ships hav to do With November? <:p

  12. Detpenguin Says:

    All the Penguins who Want another Sports Party, Sign the Petition at http://pic6.piczo.com/detpenguin/?g=45031193&cr=6. If I get 50 Signs, I’ll Contact CP and give them the address and Hopefully We will have another Sports Party!

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