The New Mission!

The new mission is here! It was very easy for me ,but if you have questions, feel free to ask! We finally know what has been causing trouble lately in the last two missions!

Waddle On!

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7 Comments on “The New Mission!”

  1. Sapote Sun Says:

    I have but one question; can I get like a letter or a note or something on the mission? I agree it was VERY easy!!!

    Dude1t: Ok, You have to ask the Penguin at the Pizza Parlor if he needs help!

  2. cannonfire40 Says:

    A lot of people have trouble finding the chocolate sauce, the candle, and the ac1000 to blow the jet pack fuel, but i managed just fine until i got to the the extra award. Could you tell me how to get the extra award?

  3. Austrish Says:


  4. mokie95482 Says:

    Hey i beat the misson to it waz easy also dude i created a blog too do u think u could check it out

  5. mokie95482 Says:

    hi sorry forgot to say my blog is the club penguin parlor

  6. Sapote Sun Says:

    Ohhhhh!! Good to know!!

  7. Sapote Sun Says:

    Boy; that pizza sure was good!!!!!!! :mmm:

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