Wigs. Club Penguin’s new item is wigs. I have mixed reactions about it. Seeing a penguin walking around with pigtails looks very wierd to me. But, the Afro and the Mohawk looks cool. There were penguins with Afros and Mohawks in Penguin Chat. Let me know your opinion about the wigs!

Now, for the pin. The pin is a hairbrush and it is located in the pet shop. Go get it!petshopburp_brush_pin.png
😆 Looking at that burping puffle makes me laugh! 😆

Also, there has been a change in the 😀 emoticon. Yahoo thought that smiley looked too much like their IM(instant messaging) logo, so they had Club Penguin change it. I liked the old smiley better…

Waddle on!

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10 Comments on “Wigs!!?!?!?!”

  1. my favorite wig is the elvis wig it is soo kool and it makes me look kool!

  2. Fylliper Says:


    The new emote is scary! =O

    not fair – the wigs aren’t for non-members…

    >>FYLL =]

  3. cpperson Says:

    Nice post but dude1t can you please tell me how to make words links so you can click on them just tell me how to do it step by step and ill tell you how i make the words all cool.

    Dude1t: When you are posting, press the link button right over the area wgere you type your post in.

  4. Sapote Sun Says:

    Yaa. I have mixed feelings too. I like the mowhauk, but I dont think much about the others. 🙄 I thought it would actualy be a way to dress your penguin ❗ What did you guess?

  5. miroos Says:

    nice site and like nearly evryone has tah tsmiley and it ORIGINATED from http://www.smileycentral.com so they should complain to Yahoo and if u wna tto help me with my blog u can

  6. skymirror Says:

    I missed so much in Club Penguin… 😦

  7. cpperson Says:

    thanks dude1t and how to do the one thing were i made my words like this lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala is you but one of these

    Dude1t: I use the application named “Safari” for the internet.

  8. cpperson Says:

    what the heck? it didnt show but you put one of these

  9. cpperson Says:

    dangit it didnt show either? you put the letter right of the m and then put strong then put a letter two spaces from the m

  10. pingup Says:

    Fylliper is right that new emote is creepy any way I got the mohawke wig but still it is pretty weird to see a penguin with like pigtails ya know wat i mean? any way that new emote is scary *hides around corner* is it still there yet? lol well hope ya enjoy the wigs

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