This friday, there will be a Clothing catalog released that will feature costumes!

I’m going to be a wizard for halloween in CP. How about you?

Waddle On!

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9 Comments on “Costumes!”

  1. bluey master Says:

    if i can i will be a ghost

  2. sail4ever182 Says:

    the anniversary party of club penguin in about a month will also be my penguins first birthday!

  3. pheonix Says:

    r u a member?
    before u weren’t
    so how r u going to buy that wizard costume???

    Dude1t: I got the wizard hat from last year’s Halloween Party. I have never been a member before.

  4. bluey master Says:

    i am a chost. (half clown half ghost)

  5. daunty Says:

    i will just be somthing scary

  6. pheonix Says:

    thnxs for answering!

  7. Deo347 Says:

    im ganna be a Evil Pirate for a while but ill be something else in halloween party.

  8. Helil7 Says:

    im gonna be a ghost/agent/magician (a mixture of all)

  9. cpperson Says:

    i am a wizard to

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