They’re Here(as predicted)!

The new items are here! Get started with earning tickets!

Waddle On!

P.S. I thnk the Paddleball Toy is very pricey.

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5 Comments on “They’re Here(as predicted)!”

  1. navy tiger 5 Says:

    theres also a lollipop prize… its a hidden prize

  2. Fylliper Says:


    What did I tell you 😉

    OMG the paddle ball is totally over-priced!

    >>FYLL =]
    Fyll-ing you with CP Cheats at

  3. denhod Says:

    Yeah the paddle ball costs WAY too much!

  4. i know how to get the lolipop first you wave you muse over the paddle ball for 3 seconds then a rope pops out…….
    click on the rope and then…….
    a lolipop pops out!!!!
    the lolipop is 1000 coins wich is the right amount.

  5. Yankateer Says:

    Also, to help your site out, I’ll tell you an extra thingamig. If you get all the items you see a rope. Pull it and the lollipop comes down!

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