What did Capt. Rockhopper bring this time?

The answer is here! He is giving out eyepatches on his ship and selling more piratey stuff! Get them while you can!

Also, the pin is located on the couch in the Ski Lodge! It’s a Jellyfish!


Waddle on!

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9 Comments on “What did Capt. Rockhopper bring this time?”

  1. Bibingle Says:

    yeah its cool but i hate when they repeat items! the furniture’s cool though!

    Dude1t: I hate it too.

  2. cpperson Says:

    dangit why does he keep giving out the same item šŸ˜” this gets me so mad dangit its pointless now im quitting

  3. Sky Mirror Says:

    What does he give? I mean like, not on the ship. ā“

    Dude1t: I think he is giving out the Rockhopper Background.

  4. Fylliper Says:


    Not fair they brought the eyepatch back AGAIN!

    >>Fylliper =]
    Give non-members the respect they deserve at Non-Member Day!

  5. Bibingle Says:

    wussup?!? your site is COOL! spread the pie (give this message to other blogs!!!!!!!!!! PIE!


    pip pip ta doodley doo! be happy! monkeys are around you! im a monkey midget rockstar with a guitar! wongchong! DETANGLING SPRAY! haha i feel like being wierd! and im happy. Have a nice day, Mr. lava Lamp.

  6. Sky Mirror Says:

    Happy Birthday to me! šŸ˜€

  7. monxide Says:

    dude why did u detle be off ur buddy list šŸ˜¦

    Dude1t: What? I don’t remember doing that!

  8. loopy pen Says:

    come to my penguins birthday party tomarow in avalanch sever in my igloo(on the map) all day
    ps.my name is loopy pen

  9. monxide Says:

    sorry it was a glitch

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