The 100th Newspaper!

Here is the Newspaper in General:

–Fall Fair will start on September 21
–Ballistic Biscuit is renamed Hydro-Hopper(That’s what I voted for!).
–Aunt Arctic Puzzle and Review(Remember The good ol’ times) She looks very dorky on page A6.
–Featured Game: Find Four
–Tips and Secrets: There are secret items in the clothing catalog. *Gasp!*😆
–Coming this Friday:
-Rockhopper is here!
-New Pin!

That’s It!

Waddle on!

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5 Comments on “The 100th Newspaper!”

  1. Sky Mirror Says:

    YAY! i wanna get Rockhopper as fast as i can and not miss him this time!

  2. bluey master Says:

    hydro-hopper is a dumb name

  3. cpperson Says:


  4. Bibingle Says:

    hydro hopper aint dumb is the coolest out of them all!

  5. Fylliper Says:


    What? Ther are SECRETS in the catalog? Wow I never knew that 😉
    There’s also a party in the boiler room that has heaps of balloons.

    >>Fylliper =]

    Dude1t: Ok! Here’s a post of the secrets in this month’s clathing catalog. (special items)

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