Non-Member Day!

Here is a party my friend, Fyll, is hosting! Celebrate non-memberness!

Click on the picture for the original post!
I will try my best to be there!

Waddle on!

P.S. Tommorow is the release of the 100th Club Penguin Times Newspaper!

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7 Comments on “Non-Member Day!”

  1. Fylliper Says:


    Don’t forget about it and thanks Dude1t you rock!

    >>Fylliper =]

  2. tar Says:

    there should be a non-member day
    where all penguins could buy anything for just that 1 day

  3. Sky Mirror Says:

    kool i think ill be there 😀

  4. Sapote Sun Says:

    If I can make it on-time, I most sertanly can make it :mrgreen:

  5. Sapote Sun Says:

    Or wait… I might not because I’m in forth grade and we do something special that day so I might miss it 🙄

  6. Oceanfighter Says:

    You rock! I love your site, I will be there at the party! (I am a member but I will put
    on non-member clothing for the party)

  7. dpyoung Says:

    i m the won wo thought abouth this i diddn i get any credit and if dont belive me lookon the page with all the commets

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