The Newspaper in General:

 Rockhopper’s Cargo is for The Fall Fair! Guess that means… Party(and items)! The party will be from Sept. 21- Oct. 1.

 Ballistic Biscuit is being renamed. Before this, it never was a popular game. Okay, I voted for “Hydrohopper” as it’s new name. You can vote in the newspaper or the CP main website polls.

 The Featured Game section is about Bean Counter this week.

 The Tips and Secrets section is about Jet Pack Adventure. Dodge all the coins and have no fuel when you touch down in the end to get 1000 coins!

 Upcoming Events!
This week, there will be a new Clothing Catalog about Back to School fashion!

How to make the Apple sign:(You have to have a Mac Computer)
Press Alt Shift K. 

Wddl n!

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2 Comments on “Newspaper!”

  1. cpperson Says:

    hey dude1t im quitting clubpenguin just to let you know 😥 but i will keep my blog still 🙂

  2. c0median Says:

    hey dude1t. i cant get mine to spin when i put inn a post ive seen it done. do you know hwo to do it?

    Dude1t: I’ll just post it and you can get it off of there, okay? Maybe something happened when it was e-mailed.

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