FCPS Awards!

I am a judge at Fylliper’s CP Stuff Awards! Visit and vote when the time comes! The website is at fcpsawards.wordpress.com! Tell your friends and make it a popular awards show!

Waddle On!

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3 Comments on “FCPS Awards!”

  1. cpperson Says:

    hey dude is this were you 2 weeks ago

    Last Seen: 2 weeks ago
    Server: Boots
    Room: Town
    Colour: Blue
    Head: Propellor Cap
    Face: Green Sunglasses
    Neck: Bandana
    Flag: Bonfire
    Photo: Tent Background
    Member: No

    Dude1t: How did you find out? I go in my back-up account often. Also, I was on CP on Friday!!

  2. Fylliper Says:


    Whoa, that’s scary, cpperson!

    Dude1t, its the FCPS Awards, not the FCPA Awards!

    >>Fylliper =]

    Dude1t: Woops! :woops:

  3. cpperson Says:

    arent i just magic or somthing i mean did i mention i can levetat………………….im joking it was some penguin tracker thing i wanted to find you

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