The Wakeboards are only for members. *sigh* And the Sport Shop is only dedicated to sport items.

I actually squeezed in the time to post! So I’m posting early!

Well, here is the pin.
The baseball is located in the Boiler Room.

Waddle On!

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4 Comments on “Disappointment…”

  1. Sky Mirror Says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! you can get a secret silver board in the catalog and
    i got it with my member account! 😀 8)

  2. cpperson Says:

    told you there were 😦 but i just found there was a silver surf board you should cheack it out go to the surf board page click on the green penguin then click on the star fish twice and the clam twice and it will come up and can you post that please

  3. black ninja Says:

    thanks for the cheats

  4. loopy pen Says:

    welcome to my world……………….

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