Camp Penguin!

Camp Penguin is up and many rooms have been changed to campgrounds, and Campfires! There are still many rooms left undecorated.

As for the new item, it is a marshmallow on a stick! In my opinion, this is definately not the most stylish thing to walk around with. But, points for originality! You can get one from the big bag of Marshmallows by the campfire in the cove!

Waddle On!

P.S. Sail! Here is your spinny! Enjoy!

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8 Comments on “Camp Penguin!”

  1. sail4ever182 Says:

    wow thanks! its awesome! and the e + g trick does work anymore… sorry…it only worked for one day

  2. Bibingle Says:

    I have an important announcement to all my penguin friends! If you want me to, I will put an advertisement of you in my “About” page under the section “Friends”. So make a poster or ask for a simple link! Check out Fylliper’s for an idea!

  3. wiirocks14wordpresscom Says:

    hey dude1t how do u make a spinny

    ps how do u make your pictures have motion

    Editor’s Comment: Dude1t uses a program called Fireworks MX.

  4. jordan101 Says:

    this is the best site ever

    can u plz add
    to ur blogroll
    ill add u to mine

  5. Karpolo Says:

    I suggested the marshmellow on a stick for a free item! I hope you all enjoy it!

  6. mwahfabulous Says:

    you are soo awesome!!!!!
    go to
    I added you!

  7. Sapote Sun Says:

    Hey Dude1t! I know I didn’t do anything for you, but…. can you make me a spinny! I’ll do almost ANYTHING!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

    Dude1t: Sure! Just comment your password and account!

  8. cpperson Says:

    dude that would be friggin awesome dude i want one so i can use it as my advatar! that would be crazy

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