Secret of the Week!

Thanks to Sail4ever, I have a new glitch! it may not last long, but here it is!

When you press e, then g, there will be a blank emoticon bubble. Enjoy it!

Thanks again, Sail4ever! You’ve been a great help!

Waddle On!

P.S. Let me know if you want me to make a spinny of your penguin, Sail4ever! I’ll do it! I’ll just need your account, and the outfit you want to be in! If you don’t want me to, I understand!


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5 Comments on “Secret of the Week!”

  1. keya Says:

    that icon is a bug,its not a glitch!!(its the pizza icon and game icon)

  2. Sky Mirror Says:

    also if you prees E and Z.
    and another one thats E and I
    and another thats E and N

  3. Fylliper Says:


    What Sky Mirror said!

    Maybe you should do the “Dance on the dock tree” one soon.

    >>Fylliper =]

  4. person3333333 Says:

    it does not work anymore, now it just shows the game consle

  5. dabcg Says:

    i want a spinny!

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