What is It?


What do you think the package in the Lighthouse is?

These are Fylliper’s thoughts about the package…
“I have had a brainwave! There’s boxes in the lighthouse. It says DO NOT OPEN TILL FALL. I have kindly been informed that fall starts on September 21st. I was thinking about what happened last Fall. The lighthouse re-opened last September! I think the boxes in the lighthouse are for the party in September. According to my ttheory, that party should be a lighthouse anniversary!”
Go to Fylliper’s site here!

Also, the Camping Party is this Friday! Get ready your Camping gear!

Waddle On!

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4 Comments on “What is It?”

  1. Sky Mirror Says:

    i cant wait until the camping party and when the boxes open!

  2. sail4ever182 Says:

    there is a new glitch. press e+g on your keyboard and a blank emo bubble will pop up
    it has always worked for me (i think that the glitch started only today) but they may fix it soon…

    Dude1t: Thanks alot!

  3. wiirocks14wordpresscom Says:

    i think the boxes have a new puffle in them

  4. loopy pen Says:

    i cant get the wakeboards ether…………… oh well:-(

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