Fylliper’s Birthday!

Waddle On!

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7 Comments on “Fylliper’s Birthday!”

  1. Sapote Sun Says:

    Dang it 😡 ❗ I can’t make it! It’s not one of of my computer days!

  2. pg Says:

    ill be there!

  3. Sapote Sun Says:

    But maybe…. MY MOM MADE AN EXEPTION!!!! 😀

  4. Sapote Sun Says:

    Sorry… I couldn’t make it. 😦

  5. Sky Mirror Says:

    i didnt make it! 😥 😦 😳 😥

  6. Sky Mirror Says:

    i wanted to be Fylliper’s buddy 😥

  7. plengi Says:

    i cant come to some of fyllipers parties cuz its like 4am in ireland
    and it was on the same day as my aunts wedding and i was really tired
    so i didnt tay up till then

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