I have decided to post the Stats of this site for today!

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Blog Stats
Total Views: 107,813
Most Hits in One Day: 1,663

Posts: 224
Comments(Not spam): 1,311

Waddle On!
Dude1t 8)

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4 Comments on “Stats!”

  1. webby123456 Says:

    wow thats a lot of hits in one day.

  2. Fylliper Says:


    WHOA!!! 1,663 hits in one day!!!


    Ohman, my highest is only 792 and that was when mission three came out. *sigh*

    >>Fylliper =]

  3. cpperson Says:

    your best day ever is more than my hit i have ever had 😦

  4. Superzipper Says:

    How do you find out how many hits you have in a day please reply

    Editor’s Comment: Go to your Dashboard, then click blog stats.

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