It is Friday again and I have a lot to post, so get ready for a long one! Also, Capt. Rockhopper has left and will come back in August!

Winners of the Igloo Contest: “Life in a Fish Bowl”
Doubble Lls
Hockee Rulz


Clothing Contest

There will be a Club Penguin clothing contest starting this friday! Just Dress up and go to town!

Clothing Catalog!
There are three secret items: Red Electric Guitar, Swim Goggles, and the Viking Helmets

To get the Red Electric Guitar click on the black electric guitar. Get it! It was a rare item!

To get the Swim Goggles, click on the Wetsuit.

The Viking Helmet is available when you click on the Headphones.
You can get the Blue Viking helmet by opening the red viking helmet window four times.


The pin is in the Forest!


Don’t Forget about my 100,000 hits party!

Penguins I got the pin for:

Note: Webby! I still can’t get in your account!

Waddle On!
Dude1t 8)

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6 Comments on “Friday!”

  1. dude1t can you get loipop898 every thing out on club penguin my dads computer dosent have clubpenguin we need some type of soft ware but can you get her everything pl and thankyou

    Dude1t: What is your pass again?

  2. Sky Mirror Says:

    no new mission!

  3. cpperson Says:

    dude the party is two days before my birth day in real life

  4. webby123456 Says:

    i got on yesterday and im on today so ill meet you i will be on Tundra server and waiting for you in the book room at 7:00 eastern time (11:00 for you) see ya!

    Dude1t: Can’t be on that late. Sorry!

  5. webby123456 Says:

    ok how bout five today which is 9:00 for you?

    Dude1t: Give me a time in PST. PST is my local time too as well as CP’s.

  6. cpperson Says:

    hey dude1t what is your time zone were you live mine is moutian

    Dude1t: Mine is the Pacific, so my time is CP’s time.

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