100,000 Hits!

Finally! We have officially reached 100,000 hits! We shall party! Here is the invitation!

If you can’t see it, here it is in text!

Celebrate 100,000 with Dude1t!

When: Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 2-3pm PST(Penguin Standard Time)
Where: All over Club Penguin! We are meeting at the Snow Forts in Tuxedo!
Why: This site has reached 100,000 hits!

I hope you can make it there!
It’ll be a blast!

Waddle On!

Webby: I can’t get on your account with the password you gave me!

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8 Comments on “100,000 Hits!”

  1. monxide Says:

    oh man 😦 im gonna be on vaction plz take care o my acount tho like get me the new pin and the new cloths thanks man

  2. webby123456 Says:

    congrats! wish i could be there at the party *sigh* . which accounts cant you get on?

    Dude1t: Both. You can e-mail me a date and i will try my best to get there!

  3. azndude1 Says:

    Awwwwww. I wont be there either.

    Dude1t: I already knew that. You told me in person about 10 minutes ago!

  4. c0median Says:

    Hey dude1t. I will defintly try to be there. Congrats on your hits


  5. cpperson Says:

    i have to make it no matter what i always wanted to meet you the only famouse penguin i met is r2dpenguin and sir jorge bo and also look at this things ¤¤¤¤ and this Õ╒

  6. internet677 Says:

    dude dude1t i have something u would like

    I 100% be abel to goto ur party, will u be my buddy anyways?

    Dude1t: Sure!

  7. Fylliper Says:


    Congrats!!! Yay, 6 figures!!!

    I can’t come… *cries*

    After converting time to Australian Eastern Standard Time, it is 10am to 11am on Friday.

    In case you didn’t know, us Australian’s started school 4 weeks ago *sigh*

    I’m sorry… 😦

    >>Fylliper =[

    Dude1t: Aww, man!

  8. cpperson Says:

    hey dude1t i made a new site its angel81.wordpress.com its a shared blog and the partys tommorow i hope i can make it really bad!

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