New pics!

Hooray! I have finally figured out how to make an Animated GIF! Check them out! They will be added to the Funny Pics section too!

Waddle On!

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9 Comments on “New pics!”

  1. Sapote Sun Says:

    How did you do that?!? =O

  2. how did u make those? tell me = ) happy people

    Editor’s Comment: Dude1t used a cool program named Fireworks MX. The rest is quite complicated.

  3. quackityduck Says:

    These are really cool animations! My favorite one is the top ofcourse 😆

  4. breedd Says:


  5. cpperson Says:

    dont making these make a very long time?

    Dude1t: My first one took a while, but the rest was very easy! There is a learning curve to it.

  6. cpperson Says:

    cool i dont know how to edit thats why and people recomend it on my site but i dont have the soft ware like jasc paintshop studio or what you used so i just do stuff on clubpenguin that makes them look like edits but there just glitches

  7. Sapote Sun Says:

    You took the “roll.GIF” and put part of it on the “water_slide.gif” didn’t you?

    Dude1t: Sorta. But it took a while to get the pictures. You need perfect timing for taking the pictrue in Sled racing. Then, I had to make a picture for each frame. It’s sorta like a flipbook.

  8. c0median Says:

    Those are so awesome Dude1t! What program is that?

    Dude1t: The program is called Fireworks MX. Normally, it would be very expensive to get, but it came with my computer!

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