Water Party News!

There will be a new Igloo to be launched next week for the water party! I wonder what it is this time?

Also, my favorite room in the Water Party is the Iceburg!

Waddle On!

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4 Comments on “Water Party News!”

  1. Bibingle Says:

    go to bestcpcontests.wordpress.com to be a nominee for something! its my new site.

  2. kool mine is the…..

  3. cpperson Says:

    aye aye dude its so awsome i like the whale he is so cool and go on my site http://www.cpperson.wordpress.com and check out the videos page i make a video about the mine shack and the bucket you can tip it.

  4. Aunt Arctic Says:

    I hope yall enjoying the party!!

    -The REAL Aunt Arctic

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