Tommorow, the repairs on the leak will begin. Billybob hinted that an item would be given out so every one can help the repair efforts.

Also, the Clothing Catalog and pin will be released on Friday.

Next Friday, there will be a water party! Expect to get wet!

I will be posting about the events happening tommorow.

About Fylliper’s party, he couldn’t come on time because of car problems. So, Fylliper will be having another party! Here is the invitation:

Here is the invitation in text:
Join Fylliper for a splsin’ 50,000 hits party!!! The 1st one failed but this one will be a SUCCESS!

Where? Varied locations. We will start out at my igloo on the map, then move to the ice rink, then the dock, thenthe night club and last my igloo again.

When? July11th, 6-7pm Penguin Standard Time

Server? Australian server, Antarctic

Buddies? To be buddies with Fylliper just say ‘50,000′

Dress? Suitable clothes- it will be in the middle of the July Water Party

Special Guests? May include Dendo Guy, Dude1t, Kittykat2552, Mooseluver8, and MORE! But don’t bug ‘em with friend requests!

Hope you can come!
I will try to be there!

Waddle On!

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4 Comments on “Repairs!”

  1. Fylliper Says:

    Thanks Dude1t, you are the best!

  2. sail4ever182 Says:

    wow this is really annoying
    club penguin keeps repeating items like the mining helmet. (and the beach player card background)

  3. CP Cheater Says:

    Fylliper, the Water party is on July 13th Not July 11th

  4. normile5 Says:

    i hope i get there i always wanted to meet you on clubpenguin your the first clubpenguin cheat site i went to or wordpress site so your awsome and your the best!


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