There is a leak in the cave! Go there and check it out! Maybe the Cave will flood!

Also, head to Fylliper’s 50,000 hits party!
Here’s the invitation:

If you can’t read it, here it is in text:
Guess who just got 50,000 hits? FYLLIPER! w00t w00t

To celebrate, he’s having one MASSIVE PARTY!

Who: Everyone!

When: Wednesday4th July, 6pm-7pm PST PST

Where: Australian Flag, ANTARCTIC, Fylliper’s Igloo on the map

Special Guests!!!: May include Dendo Guy, Dude1t, and Kittykat2552

Dress: Anything, as long as you can PARTY in it!

Other stuff: Say 50000 to be Fylliper’s buddy!

He is a great guy and a Club Penguin friend of mine!
I might be there!

Waddle On!

P.S. Please put in more comments of what you think will make this site better for everyone!

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5 Comments on “Leak!”

  1. RICHBOY 1000 Says:

    awsome awsome!!!!

  2. Airgepford23 Says:

    yo dude1t im goin to his partay! maybe we can meet and be friends? wut ya think

  3. Fylliper Says:

    Thanks, Dude1t!
    I hope you come, it WILL be great!!!

  4. normile5 Says:

    i will come for sure

  5. jordal Says:

    I Love partys Do u know Mr peckle? Fylipper I love Your Avatar 😆
    Im going i dont even care If you dont know who i am 🙄

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