Catchin’ Waves!

There is a new mode called “Survival Mode” in Club Penguin’s latest game, Catchin Waves! Mainly, you try to last as long as possible while dodging pieces of ice on the wave. The longer you last, the more coins you get!

Also, Captain Rockhopper has departed Club Penguin once again and there are new postcards!

Last of all, please vote for me at!

Waddle On!

P.S. If you want me to take care of your account over the summer, comment your username, password, and when you are leaving/coming back. Your comment will not be able to be viewed by anyone other than me and this is totally confidential.

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2 Comments on “Catchin’ Waves!”

  1. Fylliper Says:

    ohhh, Dude1t, I will vote for you, can you vote for me in the PCA, at I’m in season five.
    good luck

  2. puppenrox Says:

    a crab has split a hole in the swimming pool…i think it might flood

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