Club Penguin has updated its site with polls! They will be adding a new poll weekly! This week’s question is “What cool things would you like to see through the binoculars at the Cove?”. To go to the poll, click on the red “Weekly Poll” button. I put Octopus, let me know what you put!

Also, if you want me to take care of your account(see post below) comment your username, password, and when you are leaving/coming back. Your comment will not be able to be viewed by anyone other than me and this is totally confidential.

Waddle On!

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6 Comments on “Poll!”

  1. Benno Says:

    I picked the Penguins Surfing! and also u didnt post that the new surfing lesson mode on ‘catchin waves’ came out.
    From Fan Benno

  2. go dx Says:

    i also did octopus look at the map in rockhoppers ship an octopus is by the iceberg

  3. Alphmog Says:

    I voted for the Octopus too!It looked really funny in Dojo during the party.

  4. RICHBOY 1000 Says:

    i put for the octopuss because it is fun!!!

  5. were is this????????????

    Editor’s Comment: On clubpenguin.com

  6. Fylliper Says:

    Go octopus!!!

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