Summer ::Update!::

I am sorry I haven’t been posting! There isn’t much to post!

If you want me to, I can take care of your penguin and get items for you while you are at vacation so you won’t be missing out on anything new. If you want me to do this for you, post your username and password. Be assured that your account is in good hands!

Waddle On!

When you comment your password and username to me, the comment won’t be able to be seen by anyone else other than me.

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7 Comments on “Summer ::Update!::”

  1. sail4ever182 Says:

    so i can give you my password if im on vacation???
    i think ill need to do that in about a month

    Dude1t: Sure, if you want to.

  2. Zetto Says:

    dude if u post it any1 can see
    than hack….
    i like ya man
    but that wasnt the best idea

    Dude1t: All my comments go under moderation. I can keep certain comments from being posted.

  3. Airgepford23 Says:

    dude1t i would but i dont know if i can trust you

    Dude1t: It’s okay if you don’t want to. 2 people already asked me to do it for them. I’m just putting it out there as an option.

  4. cpperson Says:

    thanks i remember that happend last year i missed so much and i also miss all the clothing you wear like the red propeller hat and the hankerchief so ill tell you if i need help on new items

  5. sail4ever182 Says:

    billybob posted something new…
    he mentioned a new level on a game. i think that this level will be on jet pack adventure since a storm and jet pack would go well together

  6. Katri Says:

    Where was this offer during the school year?????

    Editor’s Comment: Well, most people aren’t gone for vacation during the school year.

  7. cubskid1 Says:

    can i send u an E-Mail instead?????

    Dude1t: Sure!

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