Capt. Rockhopper & More!

He is here! This time, he brought back the Red Bandana. Personally, I am disappointed that he didn’t bring back something new for non-members who already have that hat. Well, for those of you that didn’t have it, enjoy it!

Also, today, the pin was released! The new pin is a Picnic Basket! You can get it at the couch on the bottom corner of the Ski Lodge!

By the way, I just noticed that I have 80,000 hits and counting! Maybe we will have a party for 100,000 hits! Let me know if you think that will be a great idea!

Also, in the binoculars at the cove, you can see a storm coming up! I wonder what the makers of CP have in store for us. Let me know your predictions!

And, last but not least, there is a crate of water balloons in the Boiler Room! Get ready for the water party!

Waddle On!
Dude1t 8)

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15 Comments on “Capt. Rockhopper & More!”

  1. Alphmog Says:

    You should have a party!

  2. sail4ever182 Says:

    i don’t like how they brought the hat back. i already have it and i liked wearing it because no one else had it… 😦

  3. #man {numberman} Says:

    i wonder whats up w/ the storm thing
    ps im a little disappionted about the things rockhopper brought
    no furniture!?
    pss i hope the storm is good to make up for the lame items…
    psss ur the best…
    {#man} lol,lamo

  4. iron maiden Says:

    I wish he would bring a remote control pirate ship lol,that would be soo much fun to make other penguins mad with

  5. 2penguin23 Says:

    We should have a party at your igloo dude1t and everybody can come!

    Editor’s Comment: I’m planning to go to some one else’s igloo and maybe all over Club Penguin.

  6. mrjojo787 Says:

    thats exactly y im wuiting. if they bring anything new back thats they had before its over. its getting on my nerves

  7. Fylliper Says:

    A party will be great!
    I’d love to meet one of my favourite penguins!!!

  8. u made it 2 da nxt round

  9. cpperson Says:

    hey i put you on my blogroll your welcome

  10. richboy 1000 Says:

    ok well i have a great idea for the party it could be at my igloo on the map.
    the theme will be beach theme and will be a 30 min. party and will be open for everyone.
    i think that club penguin is going to have a rainy week or a hurrcane or mabey even a
    well thats all i have to write about.

    all is well in richboys world!
    ~richboy 1000

  11. Hiee Says:

    i told you about the storm!

  12. sail4ever182 Says:

    i am really disliking rockhopper right now
    i got myself banned for 24 hours for saying bad things about him but oh well
    the thing is next christmas they will give out the santa hat again and pretty soon i will have no original items….. i didn’t like how they gave out the whistle again either. why dont they just change the colors of the items that is not such a bad idea. like some other color bandana

    Editor’s Comment: I am beginning to feel that too.

  13. dpyoung Says:

    hpefulley thee is bad server storm

  14. Missi Allie Says:

    Im Kinda Disapointed Too 😦
    I Wish Rockhopper Would’ve Brought
    Something Different, Like New.
    And The Storm Is Pretty Weird.. I Dont
    Understand Why It’s Coming.
    I Never Understand Anything 0_o


  15. Fylliper Says:

    I agree with you Sail4ever, it’s not fair!
    I hope they won’t bring back the blue/red face paint or the rollerblades, because then I won’t have any rare items…

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