Rockhopper’s Ship!

Rockhopper’s ship has been spotted! You can see him on the horizon throught the telescope on the beacon.

Sadly, the Summer party is over and everything is back to normal.

The party should have been longer like last year’s. Last year’s was 3 weeks long.

Waddle On!

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4 Comments on “Rockhopper’s Ship!”

  1. Fylliper Says:

    Three weeks…Wow! No wonder there were so many items.

  2. cpperson Says:

    hey dude you should go to my site and if you can will you add me on your blogroll i only have 304 hits and looks like i need more

    Dude1t: Patience, popularity comes with time. It took this site at least 2 months to get it’s first 10 thousand.

  3. tommerry Says:

    when do ya think rockhopper will come?

    Editor’s Comment: I think… Friday!

  4. Airgepford23 Says:

    I want a ghost cloth so bad..

    > Airgepford23

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