Secret of the Week #20!

It’s now time for… Secret of the Week! This week, I will tell you how to put furniture on the walls of your igloo! Sorry, but this is one only members can do. I’m starting to run out of secrets!

Well, here it is:
Go to your igloo then click the tape measure, open your storage and on the top two rows of your storage click any item, do not move that item yet. Click the item as it is linked to your mouse a couple of times. It should be on the wall. You can only put one furniture at a time.

Waddle On!

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2 Comments on “Secret of the Week #20!”

  1. adlerkid2 Says:

    Have you seen the blank screen is HQ? I have. What do you think it is?

    Editor’s Comment: Maybe it’s a new room!

  2. Yellow Hat17 Says:

    You might of already done this, but here it is, (it can cause spam and instant computer shut down, plus only works on mac g5s) so here it is:

    Press W over and over again for like 30 minutes, I guess this is a good thing to do when your bored 😆 , then wait about an hour (still, don’t do this when you have something to do 😀 ) then go to the iceberg, and when you type you should walk over the water and to the very corner of the screen 😆 😀 🙂

    Dude1t: Well, I’ll get bored before I even reach the 5 minute mark if I do that. 😆 Did you actually do this glitch?

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