Summer Party!

It is finally here! The Summer Party has kicked off! There are two items available and many more to come!

The first one is, the Blue Lei! They were given out last year too! Have fun with them! They are in the Ski Village!

The second one is an Ice-cream Apron! Have fun making ice-cream for your friends and others! It is like the coffee apron! This one is at the forest.

Today, the new pin has also been released! It is a surfboard! You can find it on the beacon at the leaves on top of the lightbulb. Roll your mouse over it and it will fall to you!

That’s all the items so far!

This party is going great for me! It is even better than last years! My favorite room is the Dock with the giant sand castle! Tell me about yours!

Earning Coins/Items:*****
Animations: none

Have fun! I’m sure that I will!

Waddle On!

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5 Comments on “Summer Party!”

  1. sail4ever . Says:

    i got 3rd place! i ended up with 412 coins!!!

  2. webby123456 Says:

    dude1t, u forgot somethin IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!theres something called “straw 3000” in the book room!! i wonder wut its for? 😐 guess we’ll have to find out later.

    Dude1t: It doesn’t do anything yet.

  3. loola94 Says:

    where do i find the lei ??

    Dude1t: It’s in the Ski Village.

  4. Susieq16 Says:

    can u giv us hints on whts coming nxt in cp this summer?

    Dude1t: Sorry, but I do not know what is going to happen next.

  5. kevstelo Says:

    I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

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