Summer Party!

The Summer Party is almost here! And last year’s was a blast! I bet they have more things this year.

Here are things I think/know are going to happen:
-Decorations(of course)
-Free Item
-Changed buildings(Lighthouse will be like a Palm tree)
-The snowballs you throw will be water balloons instead

That’s all I know!

Also, there will be a new pin coming out tomorrow.

Waddle On!

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6 Comments on “Summer Party!”

  1. justtin Says:

    when do these parties happen

    Editor’s Comment: They happen once every 2 weeks! The next one is tomorrow!

  2. Jonah Says:

    I think Rockhopper and Yarr will come do you?

    Editor’s Comment: Maybe. If they were coming, we would know and they would be seen through the telescope or binoculars.

  3. sail4ever . Says:

    dude1t you have gotten 600 coins! did the judges give you all tens? and if they did did you get any bonus coins?

    Dude1t: I got Second place! The prize was an extra 300 coins. Imagine what the first prize would be!

  4. Hiee Says:

    second place in what???

    Dude1t: The tournament mode.

  5. go dx Says:

    uh sorry but the snowballs arnt water ballons

    Dude1t: On that one I was just guessing. But it would be a cool idea!

  6. go dx Says:

    your right it ould be cool here is another guess look at the hq and u see a moniter black look were band is plaing it leads somewhere maybe new pace

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