Secret of the Week #19!

The secret of the week has to do with Club Penguin’s newest game! In “Catchin’ Waves” You can surf with your puffle!

Just take your red puffle for a walk and go surfing. He will be surfing with you!


Waddle On!

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3 Comments on “Secret of the Week #19!”

  1. cpperson Says:

    yay i already new that but cool thanks anyways finally they do something for you

    im first to comment

  2. RICHBOY 1000 Says:

    thanx dude1t!

  3. sail4ever . Says:

    how to stand inside the surf shack anywhere you want, not just in the middle:

    press f11 on your keyboard to go fullscreen

    now, put your cursor on the place in the shack you want to go

    press and hold tab. click and then let go of tab. hint: make sure your cursor changes from a hand to a pointer while you are pressing tab. this works many places not just the surf shack, like the tour booth.

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