Catching Waves!

Click on the pic to see the whole picture!

This is a great game located in the Cove. It is in the hut. Go try out the game!

This game had a learning curve before I fully understood it and played it well. In my opinion, this is the best game(in terms of fun) on Club Penguin. On the coin earning side, it’s not that good. Tell me what you think!

Here’s the rating for me:
Earning Coins:**
Style of Animation:*****
Overall: 4 1/2 stars

The stars are out of five.

Waddle On!

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7 Comments on “Catching Waves!”

  1. sail4ever182 againn Says:

    if can last about 4 minutes straight, the judges will rate you and you go onto the next level. last time i got a 4, 10, and a 10. it took me 30 minutes to complete the whole game with over 300 coins!

    Editor’s Comment: Wow! It must have been very long!

  2. sail4ever182 againn Says:

    i disagree with your ratings, if you get far enough you can earn tons of coins! now my record is 326!!!!

    Editor’s Comment: It takes a while to earn those coins. It is even quicker to earn coins on Cart Surfer. I respect your comment though.

  3. Fylliper Says:

    I dont really like the game, for me it is WAY too hard and not that fun.
    Also, Dendo Guy quit the Penguin Choice Awards…
    Click my name and see what happens!

  4. Zammy235 Says:

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  5. webby123456 Says:

    I think its fun overall. I agree with the ratings completely, because im not so great at the game πŸ˜• . Do you remember your highest score ❓

    Dude1t: My high score is about 3000.

  6. cpperson Says:

    yay i got 150 coins once

    Dude1t: Cool! The best I have gotten is 600 coins!

  7. cpperson Says:

    wow you rule at this game when you plaly to you turn lime green cause when i tried that i notice that you go faster so i was wondering if you do that.

    Dude1t: Nope, I don’t do that.

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