News This Week!

Well, I just got back from Great America and my head is still dizzy from riding rollercoasters all day!

Now, to the news. There is going to be a new Surfing Game at the cove! The release of this game will be on June 4th. And, to top it off, there will be a Summer Kick-off Party June 8-15th. And, to get into the summer style, there will be some cool items in the catalog this Friday!

That’s mostly it!

I just updated the picture of the month. Like it? I don’t know why it is funny to see a burnt penguin.

Waddle On!

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2 Comments on “News This Week!”

  1. stevieg1003 Says:

    yee ha fiirst comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait untill new game comes out!!!!


  2. sail4ever182 againn Says:

    sail4ever182 here
    there is a glitch with the whistle- wave and the music notes will continue on. they will probably fix this soon though

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