Secret of the Week #18!

The secret this week is… how to float in mid air!

First, put on the propeller hat(red or blue). Then, open you player card again and take it off. Click on another player’s player card and close it. Then, dance! You should be floating! No one else can see you doing it unless you are hacking though. This an example of the “robot dance” technique!


Also, I have added a ClustrMap to the side bar! It is a map of visitors that visit! Go chack it out! It doesn’t have any people on it yet because it will update as people visit! Don’t worry, your location is anonymous!

Waddle On!

P.S. I just noticed that we have reached 70,000 hits! Waaaaaaahhooooooo! 😆

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2 Comments on “Secret of the Week #18!”

  1. RICHBOY 1000 Says:

    ok well i did the secret and it works so… thats kool oh an d yeah i have this wiki and i put your name and website on there and half of my clss goes on this here web!!!

    ok well i have not much time to write but bye!!1

    richboy 1000

  2. dpyoung Says:

    dude you are such cool genuise

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