The Member Party

Here are pictures of the member party for those of you that can’t get in. I wish I could go in too.

Thanks to Thunderpenguin for the picture and allowing me to use it! I appreciate it a lot!
Go to for Thunderpenguin’s site!

Waddle On!

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5 Comments on “The Member Party”

  1. Welcome, anytime 😉

  2. superzipper Says:

    Can i use these photos im not a member if yes/no email me at

  3. 2penguin23 Says:

    i hope non-members can get that stuff too when its open for us.

  4. sail4everr Says:

    look at billybobs blog, next week non members will get one of the free items but he didnt say if it was the life ring or the wistle. personally i think that it will be the life ring but… also he said that something exciting would happen and to look through the binoculars for a hint. when you do look through the binoculars you see a fish jumping and someone playing ballistic bisuit. please post thanks.

  5. Berryc00l Says:

    Hey! I just love the forest/cove, though I didn’t know that the cove was going to be a whole nother location! 😀

    *Check out my site sometime at:*
    Take a look around, I hope you enjoy everything;)

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