Secret of the Week #17!

The Secret of the Week this week came from a friend and is members only. Sorry! I’m running out of secrets! It is how to put furniture on the walls of your igloo! This is what you do:

Go to your igloo then click the tape measure, open your storage and on the top two rows of your storage click any item, do not move that item yet. Click the item as it is linked to your mouse a couple of times. It should be on the wall. You can only put one furniture at a time.

Let me know if it doesn’t work!

Waddle On!
Dude1t 8)

P.S. Thanks for all the support from the last post! I’m gonna try again on the Penguin Choice Awards the next time I get the chance!

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3 Comments on “Secret of the Week #17!”

  1. stevoeg1003 Says:

    1st comment, sweet!!!

  2. chupacabra Says:

    This does not work. 🙄 😥 :8 😎

  3. nicholas1423 Says:

    how do u send glitches? i have a glitch and can’t wait to tell every one.

    Editor’s Comment: Write a comment to Dude1t about it.

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