Awww Man!

I was eliminated out of the Penguin Choice Awards. 😦

Waddle On


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9 Comments on “Awww Man!”

  1. Hiee Says:

    Nooooooooooooo!!! Why did it happen to you! Sorry!

  2. Oh no!!!!!!!! I kept on voteing 4 u but u lost 😥 better luck next time

  3. normile5 Says:

    😥 that suck man i was really hoping you would win ohwell cheer up you got farther than i thought you would and that is great 🙂 but anyways 😦

  4. webby123456 Says:

    😦 i was sure you had it… so sry dude. But, on the bright side, look how far you’ve gone ❗ I think u did great 😀

  5. wassup Says:

    dude, sorry ur done and all but r u gonna post more stuff soon ❓

    Dude1t: Yes I am!

  6. RICHBOY 1000 Says:


  7. normile5 Says:

    and thats why i quit pink mafias army becuase he just keeped getting more popular and people voted for him :eveil: well any ways 😦 😥 :mrgreen: i just did that for fun

  8. Fylliper Says:

    GO DUDE1T!
    I was hoping that you would make it to the finals and Pink Mafias woild be eliminate because he is has hacked, and you’ve helped my site heaps with the secret of the ninjas.
    I hope you get in again for Season Four, and I will audition too, but since I’m not as famous as you or anything, I probably won’t get in…
    Well, congrats for going so far in the comp!
    If I was in, I wouldn’t survive the first round, seriously!
    So, be happy that you made it all the way to the semi’s.
    Thanks for all you’ve done, and check out my blog if you can.

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