Don’t Hack!

Don’t Hack!
It is bad! Don’t do it! it is getting Club penguin into trouble!

This is a post in a online global news page that 2penguin23 told me about(thanks, 2penguin23)!

Cheating a real problem in Club Penguin’s virtual world
Educators worry that the breaking of rules will creep into other aspects of kids’ lives

By Eric Benderoff
Tribune staff reporter
Published March 8, 2007

With all the qualms parents have about the Internet, from worrying about sexual predators to whether their kids spend too much time online, here’s another one: It can teach them how to cheat.

At one increasingly popular site where young kids inhabit a fantasy world of penguins and igloos, some are downloading illicit software to stuff their virtual pockets with gold coins instead of earning their way fairly by playing games.

Across the Internet, blogs, message boards and even video clips on offer preteens tips and tricks on how to steal coins at or cheat their way to a higher salary at A simple Google search pops up hundreds of places to find such insights.

Over the last three months, cheating has become such a concern at Club Penguin that on Tuesday the Canadian company approved new guidelines banning the practice, said Lane Merrifield, co-founder and chief executive.

“If anyone is caught trying to instruct other players or is teaching them how to cheat on Club Penguin, even on another Web site, blog or forum, we are instituting a permanent ban of the player who is doing the teaching,” he said.

Parents are generally happy with sites like Club Penguin and Whyville, where their kids can play safely online and interact with other youngsters.

But to some educators, the cheating is yet another example of a competitive culture looking for shortcuts to get ahead. Worse, these cheaters can be as young as 8, and by unfairly learning how to obtain the biggest igloo on the block, it could foreshadow cheating in other aspects of life, they say.

Over the last two decades, cheating in school is “absolutely getting worse,” said Tim Dodd, executive director at the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University. “We’ve looked at middle-school behavior and seen students begin the life of a plagiarist. They are downloading pieces from the Internet and using it as their commentary paper for the 5th or 6th grade.”

For parents, though, the issue of cheating at sites where their child plays merrily in a virtual world while meeting new friends from across the globe is not on their radar.

“She talks to her friends in Spanish” on Club Penguin, said Penny Facchini, a Highland Park mom with an 11-year-old daughter, Renee. “She’s got to be learning something.”

Renee was up at 6:15 a.m. Wednesday and already on Club Penguin, where she was arranging the furniture in her igloo.

“To me, it appears to be a safe, wonderful way to spend her free time,” Facchini said.

The world of Club Penguin, which launched in October 2005, is getting very large. While the company won’t disclose how many members it has, data from ComScore Networks showed it had nearly 4 million unique visitors in January, double what it had in July.

A spokesman from Club Penguin called the 4 million figure “conservative.”

Here’s how the virtual world operates:

Kids sign up, pay up to $4.95 per month and are assigned a penguin, which represents the child’s online image. The penguin waddles around the site and bumps into other penguins they can chat with.

Penguins and igloos are plain at first, but as kids accumulate coins at various games, they can purchase nicer clothes or buy furniture, fireplaces and carpet for their igloos. Each month, a new catalog of outfits and igloo upgrades is introduced. An Ice Castle igloo upgrade offered in the March catalog sells for 5,100 coins.

Hence, there is constant competition among the penguins to have the coolest igloo and the latest fashions, and some kids are too impatient to play a game to earn more coins.

Sophisticated tool

On the Web they can find a sophisticated program called WPE Pro that “sniffs” network connections and can be used for a variety of online games, including those on Club Penguin.

“It’s a down-and-dirty network-analysis tool,” said Dave Cole, director of security response for computer security firm Symantec Corp. “As data travels from the computer to the Club Penguin server, it stands in the middle and modifies that traffic. That’s where your cheats come in.”

Essentially, the software tricks the server into thinking a penguin has earned more coins.

Another worry: While the program itself won’t harm a computer, Cole said, kids often pick up this “gray area” software at sites known for secretly downloading spyware to a computer.

No surprise to some

The cheating is no secret to some kids.

When Renee Facchini was asked about cheating, she said, “`Oh, yeah, Mom, I know about it,'” Facchini said. “I had no idea. But, thankfully, Renee said she would never do it, that `it was like stealing from a bank.'”

Beth Irwin, a mother of three kids who play on Club Penguin, was startled to hear about the cheating on the site.

“My 10-year-old [Abigail] is more competitive, and her main objective is to earn coins and buy furniture and fancier igloos,” said the Downstate Belleville resident.

“My girls love to go in and look at all the members’ igloos to see what other people have. But if they learned those igloos were done through cheating, I think that would be very disappointing for them.”

When she asked her two girls about the cheating, they said were unaware it existed.

“I asked them if they would do it if it was as simple as hitting a few keys, and they both said no,” Irwin said. “But they admitted it would be tempting.”

At Whyville, another virtual world for tweens, or kids between 8 and 12 years old, members are banished if they are caught cheating, said Jay Goss, chief operating officer.

Banished members would have to ask their parents to create a new account and explain why they were kicked off the site.

“That can be a pretty impactful way of learning something,” Goss said.

Cheating is ingrained in the gaming culture, said Reilly Brennan, a spokesman for Chicago’s Midway Games Inc., who called it the main reason for buying gaming magazines. The magazines are filled with hints, shortcuts and hidden codes to help players get a leg up. Now, “the Internet has become the biggest hint book ever made,” he said.

But the notion that young children are learning to cheat to get ahead of their peers is worrisome, said Duke’s Dodd.

“There are subtle and not so subtle messages that only getting ahead matters,” he said. “It’s the notion of status. We’ve entered this high-stakes notion of living.”

This is in the news so please don’t hack!

Waddle On!

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75 Comments on “Don’t Hack!”

  1. Willdog101 Says:

    Thank you for putting that up. I really never beleved hacking was the way to get what you want.

  2. Wowie Kazowie Says:

    I am SO glad that this is up! I believe that hacking is terrible and unfair. My friend hacks and I am very disappointed in her! I HATE HACKING SO MUCH! PEOPLE PLEASE STOP HACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wowie Kazowie Says:

    I’ve got one more thing 2 say… hackers, what you are doing is very wrong and you should be ashamed of yourselves! And at some point, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT AND YOU WILL GET BANNED!!!!! Club Penguin is for good kids, but some people who are hacking are being JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe some people could b so TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  4. heyheywhatshappenin' Says:

    JUST S T O P!!!!!!!!! hacking is not the way to choose! (a word to the wise)

  5. Gimblob Says:

    Could I copy the Interview? I’m not copying the entire post I just want to spread the word. HACKING IS TERRIBLE!!!!

    Dude1t: You can copy the whole post if you want! I appreciate that you are trying to get the word out to everyone.

  6. dj michel Says:

    put on eny clothes and go back to your player card and put on th pizza suit dont close your player card and dance

  7. haydn Says:

    i sometimes hack but now i have got one of my penguins banned forever so i stoped now everone stop

  8. stop hacking Says:

    someone is hacking me and my friends puenguin!!!!! 2 of my friends penguins are band 4 ever!!!!!!! then my friend told me about the hacking system. i think hacking is stupid!!!!

  9. wobblywhoop Says:

    please dont hack its mean its horrible!

  10. trist456 Says:

    hey stop hayaking now

  11. johnybruiser Says:

    Leave these hackers alone!!! I know it,s breaking the rules but it,s addicting they will not stop and by the way they will never be caught

    Editor’s Comment: People DO get couaght, and every day Club Penguin’s security systems get better. Plus, you can get banned by your IP. That means that you will not be able to play from your house ever again.

  12. hoola Says:

    its reallybad to hack some one has hacked holagurrl25s pics

  13. Bibingle Says:

    hi! i hate hackers too. its illegal u know. i think u are a very cool penguin becuase you are anti hack. check out my anti hack website at . i will add u to my blogroll there.

  14. lysander61 Says:


    Editor’s Comment: Hey! No swearing!

  15. Anthony$ Says:

    Hacking is tight and cool. I have 99999999999999999999 coins thanks to hacking. I also have a car and a bigger house on club penguin because of hacking so what. If hacking was so bad the goverment would step in but they don’t beacuse hacking is good for me anyways

  16. Yellow Hat17 Says:

    No, I don’t teach the morals, I tell them the truth, here:
    Hacking is for n0-lives, cheaters, and jerks. I mean think about it, you’re downloading software, and typing in codes, in order to WIN A GAME FOR 6 year olds through 15 year olds? You’re Just cheating at the society of children, no matter what, hacking is for n0 lives, it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH or HOW little YOU DO IT, it is DUMB, hacking Rune scape, Club Penguin, World of Warcraft, second life, I stopped after the first time I did it, I put up about 4,00 coins, then I just realized, “What the !@#$ do I think I’m going to REALLY do with these coins? Is Club Penguin real?” I mean, you go through all the trouble, to win a penguin game for kids????? I agree with that article a-lot, but here’s more, it’s just plainly, no acceptions, for n0 lives, jerks, and cheaters.

    Have any of you heard of lime wire, well here in Knoxville, Tennesee, two college kids were arrested for having it, do you wanna know why, it’s illegal for the same reasons of Cp trainer, CP TRAINER AND LIME WIRE ARE FRIGGIN` ILLEGAL, YOU CAN GET ARRESTED FOR EITHER.

    There get my point. Good. Tooodles, Bye dud1t, I rooted for you on penguin choice awards, bye everyopne,have a good day! 🙂

    Dude1t: I definately agree! Thanks for the support!

    Editor’s Comment: I definately agree too! Spread the word against hacking! Join CPHS! Join at http://*************

    edited for secrecy

  17. Yellow Hat17 Says:

    Cool, I’ll help.

  18. Missi Allie Says:

    I Dont Even Know Why People Hack! It’s Useless! All You Do Is Have 5
    Glamorous Minutes And Then You’re BANNED! All You Hackers Out There Should
    Be ASHAMED. I Know I Would Be, Especially When You Have Younger Peers Around
    You! Telling Your Younger Brothers & Sisters About Hacking Is Stupid, & Your Parents
    Will Eventually Find Out. Wanna Know Why? ‘Cuz Your Internet Service Will Get Shut
    Off, And They’ll Be Going Crazy Saying Why The Hell Are You Hacking, Because
    You’ll End Up In Juvie-Camp Just Like My Three Friends: Melina, Jessica & Christal.
    If You Want To End Up In JAIL, And Be A CRIMINAL Then Go Ahead Because Trust Me, You’re Gonna Get Busted. And Whether You’re Paris Hilton, Or A Kid Trying To Hack A Website, You’re Gonna Be A Criminal Just Like All Those People
    You See On Trials Or In Jail. No Matter What Kind Of Hacking You Do, No Matter How
    Much Or How Little You’re Going To Get CAUGHT! Nearly Everyone Posting Here
    Is Trying To Save Your Little Asses From Getting Busted And Getting Thrown Off
    From Your Internet Connection Because Some Of Us ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS!! And It’s Not Right That You Guys Get The Best Out Of It. It’s Not Like You Have 9 Lives, You Know…….

    ~Aly ..

  19. I am nt a hacker cp is fun IT MAKES NO SENSE TO HACK THE WEB.


  21. morgan Says:

    i always hack iv have hacked on to 10 penguins with pinkcrazy

  22. Sapote Sun Says:

    I know! Hacking is teribble! =| Do you and your edditor think I hack? I WOULD NEVER HACK! I was just reading a magazine caled WIERD and it had this article about this guy that got hacked! It was scary! Notice all penguins: DON’T HACK!!! DON’T HACK!!! NO HACKING IT IS TERIBBLE!!!!!!

  23. Sapote Sun Says:

    I saw on Yuo Tube this guy hacking on Club Penguin he showed how to turn into a mod! I soooooooooooooo wish I could report him! Sorry penguins, I forgot his name!

  24. Sapote Sun Says:

    I mean WIRED.

  25. Sapote Sun Says:

    Some very bad guys hack for information and end up hurting people! You can go to jail!

  26. Sidekick8 Says:

    Thanx for posting that now i have deleted all the hacks a wrote.THANK U VERY MUCH!

  27. I am NOT a hacker Says:

    Thank U SO MUCH for putting this up!!!!!! I hate hackers sooooooo much and I pay for my membership unlike other people who illegally cheat to get stuff for their penguin or igloo.

  28. magsig Says:


  29. hacking is TERRIBELE Says:

    hey if you all HACK!!!!go stop playinG!!!!!!!CP teamthank u so much for putting that up hacking,cheating is fake!!!ALL FAKE!!!!my friend try hacking and suddenly it did not work he got virus n his computer when he hack and cheat!!!

  30. hacking is TERRIBELE Says:

    OMG hacking video’s and cheatb are at youtube!!!!!all are fakje hackers my mom said that its ilegeal to hack!!!

  31. hacking is TERRIBELE Says:

    stupid HACKERS!!!
    DUMB HACKERS!!! CP team i am 19 can i be a moderator?

    Editor’s Comment: If you really want to work for CP, you can apply here.

  32. hacking is TERRIBELE Says:

    I like club penguin but WHEN THEY HACK clubpenguin would be NO MORE or club penguin would not in TOP 10 anymore in miniclip!!!!STOP HACKING HACKERS!!!

  33. hacking is TERRIBELE Says:

    I am from malaysia wrong time

  34. ggawl Says:

    hey dude1t i think hacking is bad but does this mean you cant do simple glitches like nubbing or just hacks themself

  35. Karpolo Says:

    You can obviosly do nubbing and glitches but you can’t use programs like CPtrainer and stuff to actually hack! But… When you nub you have got to go on and it says only enter your password on the official Club Penguin website and isn’t the official Club Penguin website. But going on that website doesn’t effect them at all, it’s ok.

  36. SO WHAT! Says:

    hi yes hacking is for little girls hahahah@H@H@H@H@HaHAHAHAHA|-|A

  37. SO WHAT! Says:


  38. misssniffels Says:

    how do i hack and buy clothes on club penguin without being a member

  39. misssniffels Says:

    and how do i become a member on club penguin by hacking for free

  40. erica Says:

    AM SO MAD …… i want to school i saw some body play with acc i told him to give back he would not and i did not even the password .my acc was a levl 109 tooo

  41. roy Says:

    srry about you acc i know how it feels when some parson hack you
    see ya

  42. dobby rules Says:

    im planning to blow up cp but someones hacking!its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoying!!!!!!!!

  43. Sidekick8 Says:

    wow…i cant belive hacking is soo bad!I only thought that it was just the CP rule!man…iv never hacked before actaully…:)

  44. Sidekick8 Says:

    hey u no wat?im going to report all of the hacking videos in you tube.i thik itll help…plz Dude1t!i need your help of getting rid of all te acking videos!plz help if u can!

  45. cpperson Says:

    hey dude1t can i put this post on my blogroll it might advertise your site

    Dude1t: Sure!

  46. cpperson Says:

    ayet thanks dude1t 🙂

  47. denhod Says:

    Hacking is a huge problem. Why do people do it? Who would be sad enough to hack an online game for children ages 7-14?

  48. Jasper Says:

    who would want to hack club penguin, it is for kids ages 8 to 14. Imagine those innocent young children who have to go through criminals in their second life character!

  49. cpperson Says:

    hackers are just ****ing losers and lifeless *****s and why even hack cp whats the point of it cp is a chat game not a game that hacking makes fun its just stupid so all **** face hackers shall stop now since it is dumb. gay, and you must be a total ******* to do it.

    Dude1t: Next time, no swearing! I feel very strongly about this too!

  50. cpperson Says:

    sorry i least i did it in code

  51. kingofgirls Says:


    Dude1t: You are a mod that likes hacking? 😆 Yeah, right.

  52. Chewitt dude Says:

    Hacikers are stupid and only have buddies for what they do there crazy and annoying especaily those dumb tests

  53. JAk-the-hack Says:

    Alright…i am a former hacker…i stress the word former! but now i am all about the stop of it…thanks for showing people the light! MUCH LOVE! CP WILL BE SAFE ONCE MORE!!

  54. SunsetMango Says:

    can i put this on dirkdd’s site plz?

    Dude1t: Sure!

  55. pingup Says:

    Im never ever gonna hack its just not worth it and u know wat hackers are doing there using capital letters and saying i use cp trainer some hackers say that as i saide before i will never.

    from: Pingup the non – hacker


  56. Michael472 Says:

    Hacking doesn’t really make you a jerk, but I think some people think that if they have rare clothes, they will be cooler. I don’t like hacking, because it got me my first ban and hackers gave me my last 3. I’m not sure if hacking people’s accounts is actually possible, but if it is, thats a big problem.

  57. pingup Says:

    hey dude do u mind if i use this for my blog if so thanks

    Dude1t: Go ahead! Fight hacking!

  58. dight Says:

    i wont hack any more if it herts clubpnguin i promis

  59. Madison Says:

    OMG! Thank you soooooooo much for putting this up! I hacked once and got caught. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do it (until the time was right). But now I know how I was destroying club penguin and it’s reputation and that I’ll NEVER, NEVER, EVER do it again.


  60. snailbait320 Says:

    if u tink hackin bad brandon {coolboy} why do u do it hmm?

  61. shark498 Says:

    ive been hacking for a long time and you cant tell us not to 👿

    Dude1t: Hacking is bad and it can get you banned! The consequences are way worse than the rewards! Plus, you are hurting CP by doing something that is actually illegal!

  62. shark498 Says:

    soon i will become a moderrater

    Dude1t: You wish… They would never let a hacker be a moderator.

  63. naruto Says:

    ya coolboy i think he got a banned it cuz he haves hack!

  64. fire446 Says:


    Dude1t: I like Editing posts like this. If you are mean to me, I will be mean to you!

  65. JIMI511 Says:

    they should give mods a thing that detects hacking

  66. nydogs Says:

    I hate hacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is totally USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only retards hack.
    My friend, Sarah hacked an she got BANNEd!
    All you are getting if you hack is 5 minutes of fame, and then you are banned.
    Um.. can somebody look at my blog, Please!
    it is called:

  67. nydogs Says:

    Somebody keeps on hacking my penguin and igloo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My penguin is a girl, and he puts boy clothes on my penguin!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoever is hacking my account is a nerd, no, a retard!
    and now penguins are calling my penguin, Lopy3, a nerd!

  68. nydogs Says:

    Can I copy the post to my blog, Dude1t!!PLEASE!!
    Plz vist5 my blog and post comments

    Dude1t: Go ahead!

  69. tony hjawk Says:

    thats true hacking is bad i agree.

  70. princesse900 Says:

    I was a hacker but i quit and moved on .I know hate hacking because my oldest penguin got banned forever because of it!!!

  71. yodude76 Says:

    i went around club penguin telling people not to hack and the reasons;)

  72. glacialfreez Says:

    Hacking a internet game… It slowly begins to ruin the game your hacking by giving it a bad reputation…

  73. jeff Says:

    if you hack you whant like it you will go to jail for a long time and i will b happy…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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