A day of 3?

Today was my penguin’s 300th day.
Also, we reached 3,000 hits today.
Plus, I got a 3/3 on lots of my Math assignments today.
And, today’s day’s date(1/27/07) the day of the month is divisible by 3.

Isn’t that queer?
I know it’s mostly off penguin topic, but i couldn’t help but mentioning.

Also, I updated the Tour Guides page on the secrets or hints on how to give a great tour and I have updated the answers for the quiz.

Waddle On!

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3 Comments on “A day of 3?”

  1. 2penguin23 Says:

    we dont know, but you can try: when you are 310 try to be a ninja.

    Editor’s Comment: It is only a rumor. The CP Customer support says that there are no ninjas in club penguin.
    I wish there were ninjas though.

  2. wombat queen Says:

    I wanna be a Ninja 😦 oh well lol. Too lazy to stand there for 30 mins 😛

    Editor’s Comment: There aren’t any ninjas yet so don’t try. You’ll be wasting your time.

  3. Hiee Says:

    Geuss what??? I was 301! I am 1 day older than your penguin!!!

    Editor’s Comment: On what day?

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