The End.

Posted December 12, 2007 by Dude1t
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Goodbye to all!

My time to move on from CP blogging has come. I can’t postpone this any longer! My schedule has become more and more packed to the point where I just don’t have time for this anymore.

The Club Penguin Place
January 10th, 2006- December 12th, 2007

Thanks to everyone for all the memories!

Saying for the last time:
Waddle On!

P.S. There is a small chance I may come back, but this is unlikely. If you still want to contact me, my e-mail is

I’m not quitting CP though! I’m just quitting blogging!

New Emotes!

Posted December 11, 2007 by Dude1t
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Courtesy of C0median. (Thanks!)

The new emotes are here! These new ones are pretty cool. I never used the skull and heart anyways. What do you think?

Waddle On!

Ho Ho Ho!

Posted December 7, 2007 by Dude1t
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Chistmas is coming to CP soon, so there is a new clothing catalog full of Holiday-themed clothings! Start dressing up for the most wonderful time of the year!

Also, to add to the Christmas-themed item list, is a new Holly pin. Get it on the tree in the coffee shop!

There aren’t any new emotes today…

Waddle On!


Posted December 6, 2007 by Dude1t
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Nowadays, I’ve been piled over with homework and by the time I actually get to start is at 8:00 pm(my school ends at 3)! I have soccer practice and clubs to add on top of that! So don’t worry if I don’t post for a day.

Tomorrow, there will be new emotes(the skull and heart have been taken out), a clothing catalog, and a new pin! Watch out for a post tomorrow!

Waddle On!

New Poll

Posted December 4, 2007 by Dude1t
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There’s a new poll on CP’s main website! What do you think is the hardest pizza to make? I said Flamethrower Fish pizza, just because it sounds cool.

Plus, I added a new widget to show my GamerTag on the Xbox360. If you own an Xbox 360 and I am online, say hi!

Waddle On

New Comic!

Posted December 3, 2007 by Dude1t
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There isn’t any news today except that there is a new comic in the “Fun Stuff” section of CP’s website. Check it out! It’s pretty funny!

Waddle On!

Yellow Puffles!

Posted November 30, 2007 by Dude1t
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Sorry for the lack of posts! I had a lot of projects that were due today and tests to study for! Ok, now lets go on to the newest addition to the variety of puffles you can buy: the Yellow Puffle!

It’s here! Sadly, non-members like me can’t get it. Oh well.
To the members: enjoy the new puffle!

Waddle on!


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